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Teaching Philosophy

We use a curriculum which fosters self-esteem, takes the individual needs of each child into consideration, encourages respect for others, and provides a wide range of educational experiences for the child.

Our directors are very aware of the SOL standards that must be met in the public school system. Therefore, on every age level, our curriculum is designed to incorporate many pre-SOL skills, which will enable our students to do well as they enter kindergarten.

Each week the curriculum is based upon a different educational theme. All classroom activities, including art, stories, music, and finger plays, revolve around this unit of study. Educational speakers, special emphasis days, cultural studies, and holiday parties are also an important aspect of our program. Gingerbread Cottage Preschool students receive regular musical instruction. Our music teacher provides the children with a variety of songs, creative movement, and a study of musical instruments.

School and Faculty Credentials

Gingerbread Cottage Preschool is licensed by the State of Virginia. The staff meets the qualifications set forth by the State of Virginia for directors and preschool teachers. All of our faculty members are college graduates with many years of preschool teaching experience.


Two and a Half Year Old Program

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The goals of this program are to teach the child appropriate social interaction with peers and teachers in a fun and education environment. In addition, this program provides the opportunity for the children to become independent from their parents and be more self-confident. Planned creative and developmentally appropriate activities in the areas of art, music, stories, finger plays, and creative movement are part of this program on a daily basis. Art projects are designed to help a child follow directions and explore various mediums, but are always considered an optional activity. The Handwriting Without Tears preschool reading and writing curriculum is used to teach important readiness skills including: body awareness, social-emotional skills, drawing, and counting. This program is continued as part of the three year old curriculum.

The ratio of teachers to students is 2 to 12 for this program, and the child does not have to be potty trained.

Three Year Old Program

The goals of this program are to help the student learn to interact with other children in both work and play and to develop the child’s ability to listen, follow directions, and become independent.

The Handwriting Without Tears preschool literacy curriculum provides an introduction to the alphabet and handwriting. Some of the other academic areas of study include colors, shapes, numbers 0-10, nursery rhymes, opposites, name recognition, health and nutrition, and the environment and recycling. A variety of hands-on activities provide opportunities for imaginative play and creative learning.

The ratio of teacher to students is 1 to 10 for this program, and the child must be potty trained.

Four Year Old Program

The goals of this program are: to teach the child to socially interact with others in work and play; to lengthen the student’s attention span; to develop his/her ability to listen¸ follow directions and become independent; and to prepare a child mentally, emotionally, and physically for kindergarten. Academically, a child will learn to write his/her name, to know personal information (address, telephone number, parent’s full names), to count from 1-20, to recognize numbers 0-15 and what each number represents, to know the alphabet, colors, shapes, opposites, rhyming, sequencing, recognizing parts of the body, and money recognition. Math, science, and pre-reading activities are incorporated into weekly lessons.

The ratio of teacher to student is 1 to 10 for this program, and the child must be potty trained.

PRE K Program

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Our PRE-K class is a high level, whole language program designed to challenge students academically, but with very low pressure. The teachers provide instruction around themes related to the “letter of the week”. They implement literacy, math, science, physical education, music, and art through a variety of strategies and hands-on activities. All of the basic four year old program skills are also covered to help the child become an independent and confident learner while enhancing his/her kindergarten readiness.

The PRE-K class meets Monday – Friday. The minimum age requirement for this class is to be 4 years old by September 30th; however, first consideration will be given to children who turn 4 by May 31st.

The ratio of teacher to students is 1 to 10 for this program, and the child must be potty trained.

Special Events & Celebrations

  • Fall Festival
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Christmas Family Sing-a-long
  • PJs and Pancakes Day
  • Donuts for Dads
  • Muffins With Moms
  • Holiday Parties
  • Spring Music Program